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Photo diary from the Lundquist UK Digital Roadshow

View of LondonThe increasing importance of visual imagery was one of the many topics discussed at our UK Digital Roadshow earlier this month. They say a picture speaks 1,000 words, so we thought there was no better way to follow this up then to provide some behind the scenes snapshots from our trip to London and Marlow. For the more serious stuff, check out our summary of meetings and discussions here.


The roadshow is part of the Lundquist European Digital Leadership Programme, which provides a learning and sharing experience for committed senior communication professional and digital managers at leading European and US companies. Structured around a series of informal meetings, retreats and roadshows, the programme  focuses on understanding how the digital transformation process is affecting business.



London skyline
The view of St. Paul’s and the London skyline


Walk near Tower Bridge
A walk near Tower Bridge


Museum of London tour
Touring the Museum of London with Andrew Marcus, Head of Communications


Tower of London
The mighty Tower of London


Dinner menu Marlow
The dinner menu at the Macdonald Compleat Angler Hotel in Marlow, UK


Pimms in Marlow
Enjoying a summer Pimms in Marlow


Mighty waters Marlow
Mighty waters in Marlow


Joakim and Paolo
Joakim Lundquist and Paolo Artuso, Telecom Italia, show off their coordinated suits


Cookham tour
Steve Tibble taking the group on a tour of Cookham


Pub group photo
When in England, do as the English do – go to the pub!