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Italy Top50 (2016-2017)

The best leave the rest behind: sustainability leaders unveiled in 7th CSR Online Awards Italy

The 7th Italian edition of the CSR Online Awards, published exclusively in Il Sole 24 Ore, has identified companies that are leading the way in adopting digital as a strategic asset for sustainability and revealed successful approaches in the use of social media and digital storytelling. The study sounds a warning about a broader lack of transparency among Italy’s biggest companies, both in terms of non-financial reporting and online transparency.

Our CSROA research includes 4 international rankings: Europe100, Germany Top30, and Switzerland Top50.

CSROA 2016-2017

7th European edition
254 companies in all of Europe
100 companies ranked in Italy
37 average score in Europe (stable since the previous edition)
1800+ stakeholders interviewed

Low transparency on sustainability issues amongst Italian companies

The last two years have not seen particular steps forward from Italian companies when it comes to communicating on sustainability. In fact, Italian companies continue to lag behind their European peers on the disclosure front.

The EU directive on non-financial information is symptomatic of a wider trend: transparency on sustainability is becoming the norm and Italian companies must up their game.

James Osborne, Head of Sustainability, Lundquist

Top performers in Italy

 The top of the ranking was dominated by a group of companies that stand head and shoulders above their peers, with gas utility Snam emerging as the winner of the awards for the first time, followed by Eni and TIM. Only six companies managed to score above 50 points, including Salini Impregilo as best improver. Overall, the average score remained almost unchanged at 37 out of 100.

Three macro trends stood out in the world of sustainability communications in Italy today:

Approach to digital communications maturing

The “cut and paste” approach, in which large chunks of sustainability reports are directly copied online, has seen the light of day.  Even though the average score remains more-or-less stable, companies are paying more attention to narrative elements, as well as the integration of sustainability into different digital and social media channels. On the other hand, content risks remaining superficial.

Storytelling as strategic lever

More and more companies are convinced they do storytelling, especially when they communicate on sustainability topics. But what does it actually mean to use storytelling as a lever to your corporate communications? Our research reveals three elements to look out for: materiality, integration and visual communications.

Joining the conversation: the challenge of engagement on social media

What can big data and metrics reveal about the way in which Italian companies communicate on sustainability topics on social media? For the new edition of the CSR Online Awards, Lundquist has entered into a partnership with Twig to answer this question, analyzing thousands of tweets and posts on Facebook to find out if

and how much companies talk about sustainability and how they manage to generate “engagement” and create a dialogue.


The CSR Online Awards Report and Assessments offer a practical and rigorous way of measuring your performance against the best in digital sustainability at an international level. We enable you to find tactical solutions to enhance your digital presence, discover the approaches of winning companies, learn what trends to follow and identify strategic paths for the future.

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CSR Online Awards 2016-2017

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