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Anthony Swain

Germany Top30 (2016-2017)

Transparency on sustainability is business-as-usual for the top German companies

The 7th edition of the German CSROA research reports on the current state of German sustainability communications.

Our CSROA research includes 4 international rankings: Europe 100, Italy Top 100 and Switzerland Top 50.

CSROA 2016-2017

7th  Europe edition
254  companies in all of Europe
30 companies ranked in Germany
46.2  average score in Europe (+5.4 points from the previous edition)
1800+ stakeholders interviewed

All change at the top

It’s all change at the top of the German ranking with BASF clinching the No. 1 place for the first time – and also taking 1st place in our flagship Europe 100 ranking – but there has been a wave of change and improvement across the board with the average score climbing an impressive 5.4 points to 46.2 out of 100.

Bayer and Henkel take second and third place, with SAP our best improver, gaining an impressive 21 places into 7th position.

Two macro trends stood out in the world of sustainability communications in Germany today:

The way German companies are evolving their sustainability communications speaks to the importance of having a joined up vision of the importance of material issues to the business strategy and to stakeholders. This means sustainability communications is not an after-thought or something confined to a specific section of the corporate website but an opportunity to engage a wide range of corporate audiences about future challenges and current achievements.

James Osborne, Head of Sustainability, Lundquist

Integration in business is key to integration in communications

German companies have embraced sustainability as a defining element in their business strategy and therefore in their corporate identity and engagement strategies. We are finding not only comprehensive and well-crafted sustainability sections but a cross-cutting attention to the social and environmental agenda and bold attempts to engage stakeholders. We see this at work in both consumer-facing companies and in industrial/B2B businesses.

Engaging audiences through storytelling

Germany focuses on engaging stakeholders through storytelling and social media, with regularly updated blogs central to their sustainability communications.


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