CSR Online Awards

CSR Online Awards

The CSR Online Awards is Europe’s first and most authoritative research into how companies communicate and engage on sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) online. Our evaluation criteria are based on the input of over 1,850 international sustainability experts and CSR professionals, and take into account the expertise we’ve gained from having ranked thousands of corporate digital channels, from websites to social media.

This digital specialisation allows us to stay at the forefront of sustainability and to grasp the trends that will define the relationship between company and society at large.


The CSR Online Awards Report and Assessments offer a practical and rigorous way of measuring your performance against the best in digital sustainability at an international level. We enable you to find tactical solutions to enhance your digital presence, discover the approaches of winning companies, learn what trends to follow and identify strategic paths for the future.

We hold workshops where you can engage with our experts on all things related to sustainability communications. The workshops are also designed to find ways to foster greater involvement within the company.

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In this white paper, we present the state of the art of sustainability in Europe, pick out winning digital approaches and identify the companies that are cutting edge sustainability communicators. This report includes the ranking of 100 leading European companies, the top 30 in Germany and top 50 in

In this white paper, we present the state of the art of sustainability in Italy. This report includes the ranking of the top 100 Italian listed and non-listed companies.