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Caroline Becker

What Swiss companies are best at communicating what matters and gaining trust?

We have just launched the Swiss edition of our flagship .trust research series, an effective analysis to understand how digital corporate communications can be strategized to generate trust from website users and company stakeholders.

With this research, we intend to provide companies with the means of deploying communications to grow their business.

Key figures

28 companies ranked in Switzerland
100 maximum score
170+ subcriteria, distributed into
10 sections in the evaluation protocol

Points of interest: How are listed companies performing in the first year of the research?

Many Swiss companies have been positioned in the Glitterati quadrant of the .trust matrix. This means that just below half of the companies included in the research have user friendly and visually appealing websites, without all the necessary substantive information that would make them credible.

The combined weight of the Traditionalist and Sleepers is 62% of the original sample of 55 companies, meaning that Swiss companies have reached a significant crossroads. The path towards the Glitterati quadrant, which involves quicker

aesthetic and functionality fixes, might be more appealing. However, we would caution companies to set their sights higher, and point towards becoming Narrators. These companies communicate distinctive elements of their corporate identity in both a rational and emotional way, without neglecting current industry and contextual issues.

Follow along in out matrix below to see how each company included in the research fared.

How the .trust research can help you

The .trust research is a tool that allows you to better understand the degree of maturity of your digital corporate communications. It measures a company’s ability to inspire trust through its digital communications, looking at both transparency of information, stakeholder engagement and distinctiveness.

The research provides the basis on which to structure higher-level strategic projects by understanding and establishing where the company’s starting point is. The challenge for companies is then to create a coherent and convincing narrative, capable of describing the company’s role today, and its vision for the future.

For further information about the research, to receive the highlights with the score per areas and to order a tailored, interactive report, please contact: