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Anthony Swain

A Record Year for Italian Digital Corporate Communications

In the 17th edition of the Webranking research, covered exclusively by L’Economia del Corriere della Sera, we evaluated the online communications of 111 listed Italian companies, to find how they are working to satisfy the needs of their stakeholders and inspire trust.

The Italian edition of Webranking research is conducted by Lundquist in collaboration with Comprend. To read how the individual companies compare, click here.

Webranking 2018-2019

22nd international edition
17th Italian edition
111 companies ranked in Italy
800+ companies ranked globally
500+ stakeholders interviewed

2018 marks a definite turning point for Italian companies

It’s been a stellar year for corporate communications for Italian companies, as they venture ever closer toward closing the gap with their European counterparts.

While Eni, Gruppo Hera and Snam hold steady in the top 3 positions, the top10 companies see a shake up, with Pirelli and Italgas finding their place among the top10 most transparent companies, ushering in a drastic improvement in corporate communications this year.

In fact, the gap between the Italian performance and the European average has decreased by nearly half, thanks to the boost from this year’s best improvers: companies like Cattolica Assicurazioni, Coima Res, Italgas, Moncler and Pirelli improved by more than 20 points in the ranking.

Italian companies, however, need to move away from solely presenting content that ticks the basic disclosure box. It is time to take on a new challenge: focus on constructing an effective corporate narrative, which showcases the companies’ view of the future, with concrete objectives and examples of how it will reach its goals.

It is also important to remember that the company identity is not relegated solely through the corporate website, but that corporate social media channels and Wikipedia also play a part.

How Webranking can help you to improve

he Webranking analysis allows you to define solutions to improve your digital presence, understand digital trends, compare to peers, generate internal engagement, and identify pathways for future improvement.

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