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Non-listed Italian companies strive for more distinctive communications

Italian weekly L’Economia del Corriere (Corriere della Sera) reports today how non-listed companies communicate with stakeholders and inspire trust, publishing the results of the 1st edition of our .trust research for Italian non-listed companies.

State-owned enterprises aim at inspiring trust through their digital communications

 Findings from our latest research, as reported by L’Economia del Corriere, show that many of the companies with the highest scores are also among those wholly or partially owned by the Italian State. The results suggest that a combination of stringent legislation, taxpayer’s money and sensitive public opinion may indeed push companies towards greater transparency.

Ferrovie dello Stato, Sisal, and Sace all wholly or partially owned businesses, make it onto the podium (in first place, second place, and third respectively). GSE, now in fourth place, Granarolo in fifth, Anas and CDP in sixth and seventh further solidify this trend.

Introducing our new .trust research

Our aim with this new research is to guide companies in understanding how to position themselves through the complex interaction of two dimensions – transparency and distinctiveness.  This year we evaluated 81 Italian companies (up from 77 last year) for the transparency and distinctiveness of their communications.

Want to know more? Read our whitepaper and the article published in L’Economia del Corriere.