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Martina Scapin

Non-listed Italian companies invest in digital communications

Italian weekly L’Economia del Corriere (Corriere della Sera) reports exclusively today how non-listed companies communicate online. The 4th edition of Webranking by Comprend on Italian non-listed companies is conducted by Lundquist.

State-owned enterprises most transparent digital communicators

 Findings from our latest research, as reported by L’Economia del Corriere, show that many of the companies with the highest scores are also among those wholly or partially owned by the Italian State. The results suggest that a combination of stringent legislation, taxpayer’s money and sensitive public opinion may indeed push companies towards greater transparency.

Ferrovie dello Stato, Anas and Sisal, all wholly or partially owned businesses, make it onto the podium (in first place, and joint second place respectively). Sace, last year’s winner, is now in fourth place, with SEA Milano maintaining its position at fifth.

Investment in digital communications grows

 The number of companies examined this year has increased significantly, highlighting the push for greater investment and transparency in digital corporate communications. This year we evaluated 77 Italian companies (up from 62 last year).

Webranking works as a stress test, in that it measures the fundamentals of online corporate and financial communications and dialogue of the largest listed companies, based on stakeholder demands. As L’Economia del Corriere reports, compared to last year, not only has the number of companies passing the stress test increased (from 6% in 2016 to 12% in 2017), but the average score has also improved (from 27% to 34%), even more impressive given the substantial increase in the number of companies evaluated.