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Anthony Swain

Lundquist European Seminar on Digital Corporate Communications & the 16th Webranking Awards

In the end of November, the 2017 Lundquist European Seminar on Digital Corporate Communications and the 16th Webranking Awards took place, hosting more than 250 professionals from 100 companies.

The seminar was held on November 22 at the headquarters of Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, where we convened to discuss how business transformation is affection corporate communications and to present this year’s findings of the Webranking research, recognising the companies that demonstrated excellence in online corporate communications. The event was sponsored by SiteImprove, Euroland IR, and Bjork.

The seminar opened with a warm welcome from Massimo Fracaro, Editor-in-Chief of weekly L’Economia del Corriere publication, and Lundquist Founder and CEO Joakim Lundquist.

Keynote speaker Calum Chace, acclaimed author on the economic and social impacts of Artificial Intelligence with an impressive 30 year career as a journalist, strategy consultant, and CEO, in following with the theme of business transformation for this year, set the tone with his insights into how technological transformations will impact corporate communications across all sectors.

Following Calum Chace’s discussion on the disruption of AI, Joakim Lundquist presented on the state of digital communications in 2017, giving our predictions for future trends in the field that we are likely to see in 2018.

Andrew Thomas, publishing editor of Transform and Communicate magazines and Helena Wennergren, Client Director and Head of Research at Comprend, weighed in offering their perspectives on corporate communications in a UK and Nordic context, commenting on the tendencies they observed in the field. Lundquist’s Martina Scapin presented digital trends and best practices from around Europe.

After a refreshing lunch break, in which guests were given a taste of traditional Swedish Christmas foods provided by Bjork, the sessions continued with Lundquist’s Head of Sustainability James Osborne presenting the state of the art of sustainability in Europe, illustrating how sustainability is an integral part of business transformation. Daniele Righi, Head of Social Media at Lundquist, joined the conversation on sustainability by offering a few insights into how to communicate sustainability during business transformation via social media.

Following his presentation on the state of sustainability in Europe, James Osborne was joined by Aldo Bonati of Etica Sgr on stage for a tete-a-tete on the role of the sustainable development goals in responsible investing.

After a brief coffee break, Lundquist Partner & Content Strategist Sara Rusconi took to the stage to explain how business transformation is changing the way we communicate. She was joined on stage by Jens Klint Hansen, Director of Investor Relations of Gruppo Hera, Luca Torchia Head of External Communication and Sustainability of Terna and Giovanni Brambilla, CEO of AcomeA for a panel discussion on communication challenges that companies face in the midst of business transformation.

The seminar concluded with a tete-a-tete between Joakim and CEOs Gianni Vittorio Armani of Anas and Marco Alverà of Snam, in which each speaker gave an example of ways in which their companies are changing, and how these changes are communicated.

We then awarded the best digital communicators in Switzerland and Italy. See who won here.

Photo credit: Mirko Cecchi