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How did Austrian companies stack up against their European peers in 2018?

This year’s findings of Webranking by Comprend’s Austrian ranking, conducted in collaboration with Lundquist, was published today in Horizont, covering the performance of the 20 largest Austrian listed companies. The findings show growth on the part of the Austrian companies in many areas of the research, especially when it comes to sustainability communications, while in general their financial communications suffered.

The research revealed some interesting developments among Austrian companies, as well as European companies in general. We noted particular improvement in the Sustainability section among Austrian companies, mirrored also in the European sample though to a lesser extent. This shift highlights a renewed focus on improving communications with stakeholders, most likely brought on by the new European Union legislation regarding transparency in non-financial performance.

Austrian companies continue to pull ahead of their European peers

As the sample of companies we evaluated grew in number, so too did the number of Austrian companies included in the Europe 500 ranking, reaching 6 this year. In this year’s edition of the Webranking Europe 500 research, which evaluates the 500 largest companies in the Euro Stoxx 600 index, are Erste Group, OMV Group, Voestalpine, Raiffeisen Bank International, Andritz, and Buwog, though only one of these six (Erste Group) is able to break into the top 30 positions in the Europe 500 ranking.

Despite the slight decrease in the Austrian average score, due mostly to the increase in sample size, the Austrians still manage to outperform the European average by 2.5 points, and what’s more, the 6 Austrian companies included in the Europe 500 research surpass the European average by 6.5 points, as they achieve an average of 53.7 points, improving their own average by 0.6 points from last year. In the European ranking, only one Austrian company out of the six included manages to break into the top 30 of the Europe 500 ranking: Erste Group continuing its coming in 22nd place. The rest of the companies fall between 100th and 350th place.

Companies in the Webranking Europe 500 Ranking

Position Company
22 Erste Group
104 OMV Group
128 Voestalpine
212 Raiffeisen Bank International
218 Andritz
348 Buwog

Broken down per sector, Austrians still come out on top

Even when we break down the Austrian and European performances per section of the research, the average fulfilment of the Webranking criteria for the Austrian companies included in the Europe 500 sample surpasses the European average handily, in some cases by more than 20%. The Austrians surpass the European average across the board, in all areas except for the Investor Relations and Governance sections.

  • Europe 500 Average
  • Austrian Average

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