Swiss companies bounce back after difficult year

The results of the 18th Swiss edition of the Webranking research, conducted by Lundquist in collaboration with Comprend, have been revealed. In 2021, Swiss companies bounced back following a lag in their performance in the previous year. Overall, Swiss companies gained 1.2 points in the country average compared to other European countries where the average score increase was 0.6 points.

Results in Switzerland

Looking at the Swiss research, again only one company, Swisscom, obtained 5 stars, that is, a score of more than 80 points out of 100.

The main improvement has been on the second tier, where as many as 4 companies, double compared to last year, instead obtained 4 stars, that means more than 65 points out of 100. In fact, Nestlé and Barry Callebaut joined Givaudan and Sika.


Best improvers gain more points

In total, seven companies have improved their performance by over 5 points, while last year the maximum increase was only +3.7 points. Richemont leads the pack with an impressive gain of 11.8 points, followed by LonzaVifor PharmaGeorg FischerSwatch GroupGivaudan and Julius Baer.


Disclosure is only the beginning of a journey

It is no longer sufficient to translate information from financial statements and documents to the website, but it is necessary to think how to present the content directly online, taking into account mobile viewing, SEO and accessibility as well. Especially since transparency in data presentation is now taken for granted. Today, stakeholders want to understand the future prospects of companies.

And this is not just regarding financial performance but business prospects and brand value. Bringing the value of corporate purpose and strategy, sustainability commitments and innovation initiatives to its employees, customers, and communities. This is where competitiveness and credibility towards our stakeholders play out and which is at the core of our research .trust that aims to help companies towards a new approach of communications. The research offers a valid tool for all those who want to define a corporate purpose and create a concrete and distinctive communication to support the business.


25th International edition
18th Swiss edition
51 Companies evaluated in Switzerland
740+ Companies evaluated worldwide
279 Assessment points in the protocol

Webranking Switzerland

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