The second annual Lundquist Gala Dinner: celebrating corporate communications excellence

The Lundquist Gala Dinner 2019 was a night dedicated to communications teams working towards the creation of a culture of transparency. On this night Lundquist revealed two new research series, .trust and .future (pronounced dot trust and dot future), as well as the 23rd Italian edition of Webranking.

The Istituto dei Ciechi in Milan provided an elegant backdrop for the evening to unfold evening was hosted in an elegant setting, a location with an important social purpose: the Institute works towards the full scholastic, working, social, and cultural integration of the blind and visually impaired. To contribute to such an impactful initiative, Lundquist held a raffle to win tickets to a “Tour in the Dark” at the Istituto dei Ciechi. This is a tour that allows people to immerse themselves temporarily in an entirely new sensory experience, relying on smell, sound, and touch to guide the way.

The evening was set off with the jazz duo, Val Bonetti and Marco Ricci, and a social aperitif. The musicality continued into the night, and before the dinner began the room was enchanted by a piano concert inspired by Botticelli and performed by Takahiro Yoshikawa, a Japanese pianist from La Scala.

The protagonists of the night remained those companies that are leading the way in Italian corporate transparency, and guiding an ethos of trust and sustainability. The .trust Gold Class is composed of companies that have not only been able to present exhaustive information on the company and its strategy, but that have also engaged its users and created a cohesive corporate narrative. Congratulations: Terna, Generali, Eni, and Acea.

The winners of .future (Gold Class) stood out above all others in the presentation of their corporate sustainability commitments, a title that has been given only to Eni, and Snam.


We focussed “.trust, communicating what matters” on capturing the ability of corporate communications to support competitiveness and to inspire trust, today’s business “currency.” Transparency, credibility of a company’s commitments, and strategic plans are all elements that earn trust.

The main scope of our .trust research series is to make sense of new trends and provide companies with the building blocks of effective corporate communication. Moreover, we provide companies with the means of deploying communications to grow their business.


What are companies to be more responsible? With ever-increasing stakeholder attention to corporate sustainability, companies need to find an appropriate response.

This should be done through comprehensive commitments, detailed targets and achievements, a significant element of storytelling, and an incorporation of sustainability elements throughout the entirety of companies’ business strategies – .future evaluates the way in which companies are able to convey these messages through their digital communications platforms.

On the other hand, our transparency study Webranking had seven 5-star companies this year, the highest title that can be achieved in the research: Eni, Snam, Hera Group, Terna, Generali, Pirelli, and Poste Italiane.

Corriere della Sera’s Massimo Sideri presented and guided the awards ceremony.

The event would not have been possible without the efforts of these companies, and the contribution of our sponsors, Euroland and Siteimprove. The Lundquist team thanks everyone who made such a magical evening possible!