Our thinking is based on rigorous, authoritative research because we recognise the value of a quantitative, measurable approach, even when it comes to online communications. It also allows us to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the communications landscape in a digital, social and mobile age and finding the key to a successful corporate approach.

At bottom, our studies strive to build detailed knowledge of what users want and assess how well companies respond. This is because we think successful communications should start by satisfying the needs of stakeholders.

Our research allows us to:

  • track emerging trends
  • understand user habits, requirements and expectations
  • collect examples of best practice
  • develop methodologies for how companies should approach digital communications and social media from a corporate perspective.

All our reports and consulting services draw on the insights and data generated by our research so we can help companies move towards excellence in online communications. For each research topic, we offer a tailored analysis assessing the current situation and providing concrete suggestions for improvement.

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We undertake four research programmes: